Saturday, December 12, 2015

How to Win in Court without a Lawyer!

"How to Win your Legal battles in Court." He`s been a case-winning attorney for 29 years. This simplified course shows you how to win step-by-step. State or federal, civil or criminal ... any kind of case. Evidence, forms, tactics, research, and legal references. How to Win in Court #1 Step-by-Step Self-Help Since 1997! How to Win ... Step-by-Step ... in Just 2 Days! Online 24-hours every day. Learn at your own pace! No Lawyers? Know how to win pro se! Don`t have to Pay a lawyer? Get what you're paying for! Why risk losing? This is the #1 step-by-step legal self-help course in the world ... on the web since 1997! Receive honorary law degree from American Justice Foundation® when you pass our Final Exam with a "B" grade or better. Can be used with Computers, Tablets, or Smartphones!

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